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Applying solid research principles to achieve temporal and spatial requirements to a high degree of accuracy is a challenge in itself, specially in the realm of safety critical systems. FentISS aims to offer technologically advanced solutions, offering quality, innovation and customization, meeting them the market needs.

Research and development have been and are being conducted in investigating the use of new technologies for more efficient, reliable and available solutions. FentISS is in the cutting-edge of the research and development.

Making a significant progress in defining new technologies that may help to achieve accelerated advances and promoting the aplication of these new technologies both in the development of projects for its clients and throughout research activities, taking part in new research programs.

Virtualisation presents opportunities to reduce hardware costs and power consumption while enabling new platform-level capabilities. FentISS combines experience and knowledge, ready to become a leading player in the fast-growing market of virtualization in embedded systems.

Providing execution environments, middleware technology, and software solutions for the real-time and embedded markets. An innovative aspect is the safe and secure para-virtualisated platform, XtratuM.