About us

FentISS, S.L. is a company that offers technological solutions specifically designed for real-time embedded and critical systems using virtualisation technologies.

This company was born promoted by UPV teachers and researches. In 2012 it was appointed spin-off of the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (UPV) as a natural step to transfer the research discovering of the founder group.

Our deep expertise, built on a sustained long-term research and development efforts in real-time operating systems, is the best guarantee of success. We had participated in many projects ranging from basic, pre-competitive and applied research, all of them highly focused on the needs of our target market. Among other activities this team has an active participation in the most important European projects of this sector.

Aiming to facilitate the direct transfer of this experience and knowledge, and to obtain more fluent relations with the enterprises of the environment, in 2012 FentISS was born and the academic research is capitalized, converting it to business value.

Our mission is to research and develop in the critical and embedded systems technologies field. We aim to offer technologically advanced solutions, offering quality, innovation and customization, meeting them the market needs. Our team works together to provide better performance, flexibility, reliability and security, delivering greater productivity.


We are a young company which combines experience and knowledge, ready to become a leading player in the fast-growing market of virtualization in embedded systems.

FentISS opens the door to a wide range of applications and markets. We have the solutions you need, delivering products into the Aerospace, Aeronautics, Automotive & Transportation, Industrial Automation, Network Equipment, and Consumer Electronic markets.