Integrated editors and analysis tools/planning tools

The very large combination of system models and the exact problem considered makes it difficult to apply the existent real-time scheduling theory research results to real problems. Moreover, the system models considered by researches and the ones used by system designers not always coincide.

The following Integrated editors and analysis tools/planning tools assist the system integrator to analyse the schedulability of a partitioned system and to create the cyclic scheduling table. Besides the scheduling analysis capabilities, these tools also provides a user friendly interface for capturing and editing all the elements that are part of a partitioned system.

  • Xoncrete

    Xoncrete is an integrated editor and analysis tool that performs the schedulability analysis of a partitioned system. Rather than a general purpose scheduling tool, Xoncrete has been designed to meet the ARINC 653 system model as the executive platform environment in general, and in particular the XtratuM framework.

    The tool has been fully coded in standard "C" and the user frontend is base on web standards (HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX). This combination of technologies guarantees:

    1. 1. Technological independence.
    2. 2. Fast and efficient algorithm implementation.
    3. 3. Multiplatform operation: Solaris, Linux, Windows, Mac, etc.
    4. 4. Long term support.
  • Improving Xoncrete performance in Xamber

    Because the elaboration of the configuration file is a complex task involving memory and resources overlapping control, communication ports correspondence and scheduling, it is necessary to provide a specific model-based set of tools. The current implementation of this helping software integrates a Graphical Editor (Xamber) with an external scheduling tool (Cortex).

    Xamber is a graphical configuration tool adapted to assist the user through completion of the configuration of Time and Space Partitioning systems (TSP), and provides an intuitive, time saving and powerful interface for capturing and editing all the elements that are part of the system.

    Xamber provides to the System Integrator an environment where define the platform properties, resources assignment and cyclic plans in a graphical way. Model restrictions are applied on-line in order to alert the user about configuration errors, warnings or pending definitions.

    Xamber GUI has been fully developed in Java. The scheduling core has been written in C for performance reasons. Moreover, it is fully C99 conformant and does not have any library dependency, thus being fully available for any OS and architecture.