General purpose

General purpose execution environments can provide an excellent platform for developing and running non-critical applications. However, general purpose EE are designed for different use cases than RTOS based EE, they are not the ideal platform for running applications that require precise timing or extended up-time. Deterministic timing behavior is not a design goal for these execution runtimes.

General purpose execution environments are also employed to handle operator interfaces, databases, and general purpose computing tasks.

  • Linux

    XtratuM 1.0 was initially designed initally as a substitution of the RTLinux to achieve temporal and spatial requirements. XtratuM was designed as a nanokernel which virtualises the essential hardware devices to execute concurrently several OSes, being at least one of these OSes a RTOS.

    After this initial design, XtratuM was designed from scratch again to be a hypervisor type 1. Linux has been ported (para-virtualised) to be executed as a XtratuM partition offering full functionalities.

    Several Linux partitions can be executed on top of XtratuM.

  • Android

    A execution runtime ported to work with XtratuM is an x86 port of Android. It was tested on XtratuM and can be integrated into the OVERSEE platform.

  • Meego

    Other operating systems which are going to be ported to work with XtratuM will be Linux variant OS’s and OSEK OS. MeeGo is planned to be the RTE for the infotainment/user applications in our proof of concept, and will most probably serve as the HMI to the driver.