XtratuM is available under the following schemes: XtratuM GPL Edition and XtratuM GPL Professional.

XratuM GPL Edition

Intended for Academic and open-source source developers

XtratuM GPL Edition consists:

  • XtratuM sources.
  • Configuration tools.
  • XAL execution environment for bare C programs.
  • Adaptations of open source guest operating systems:
    • PartiKle POSIX PSE51
    • RTEMS v 4.8.1
    • Linux v 3.0
  • License GPL v3.
  • Partitions are GPL execution environments.
  • Intended for Free software partition developers following the terms of the GPL.
  • Updated when new stable releases be available.
  • Architectures supported: generic processors.

XratuM GPL Professional

Professional use of XtratuM in critical systems

XtratuM GPL Professional is a GPL version without constraints with respect to the execution environments. XtratuM GPL Professional consists:

  • Adaptation and especific runtime environments:
    • Partikle, RTEMS, Linux
    • Lithos and mLithos
    • Generic Ioserver
  • Tools:
    • Simulink to partition
    • Debugging
    • Code coverage
  • License: GPLv2 under the consideration that its use does not fall in the derived work consideration.
  • Execution environments can be proprietary, classified, or be subject to any distribution restriction.
  • Intended for Commercial and industrial developers.
  • Currently, Suitable for pre industrialised products or product that does not require a certification.
  • Next future: qualified version for certified products.
  • How to obtain it: Subscription to XtratuM program.
  • Access to pre-releases .
  • Access to specific adaptation to boards.